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This has been reported on IonVantage systems using Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. The problem occurs after the installation of the Microsoft security update that is described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-082 [
Instruction on how to restore communications to IonVantage if suffering from Rio Errors
* Start Excel. * Select "Use Recommended Settings" and then "Office Open XML formats." * The security settings needed for IonVantage to process data in Excel need to be configured. * Click File > Options > Trust Centre > Trust Centre Settings ...
APPLIES TO: IonVantage for IsoPrime software - any version between 1.2.52 and 1.5.3 The problem will not occur in IonVantage version 1.5.4 or later. SYMPTOMS On selecting SAVE PEAK IDS or LOAD PEAK IDS from the PEAK IDENTIFICATION menu in the CHROMA...
* Close all excel in task manager * open excel * closed all recovered files - Save if required, normally these will just be open batches * start the software * goto c:ionvantagesirms * Check that batchwrapper is .xls and NOT .xlsm * Run batc...
Isoprime readbacks are opened with the Inlet Page Editor program at "C:IonVantageCustomIsoPrime Diag.ipg".
KB002 - IsoPrime Acquisition fails to create Data Table Was an issue in MassLynx, IonVantage is largely unaffected
The sympton is that when an Excel workbook file is opened from Windows Explorer the Excel application is started but the file does not open.
A problem with conditional formatting can cause white text on a white background
Advice on installing IonVantage on a stand-alone PC to facilitate off-line data processing
Advice if an "out of memory error occurs during overnight operations. THe problem is related to the HP Toolbox
Configuring a network to allow communicatons between IonVantage and an Agilent 7890 GC
A particular problem when modifying parameters in CFDP
An explanation of how to automate a stabilisation delay before the start of a batch run
Information to solve the problem that causes a "Failed to connect to vario Software" message Applies to IonVantage 1.3.13 and later. EAS varioEL cube software version 1.3.0 and later. EAS varioMicro software version 1.9.0 and later.
Advice to enable communication to an external device for users developing or modifying an existing inlet system.
How to make the script message window re-appear
Applies to versions earlier than 1.3.14 only. It only occurs on new installations when the recently used file list is empty.
Policies to adopt if data storage on a network drive is required.
How to configure Excel 2007 to prevent unwanted security warnings
Advice on creating methods that allow peak centring scans on multiple species within one acquisition
Document to show how to add a custom field to a batch report
Document describing Sending IonVantage Data Files to Isoprime Ltd
This Information is to fix a common problem that is occuring with many of the PC's recently, in that after the Windows XP logo is shown, the computer will stay on a Black Screen for a while; ~3-20 mins but times do vary. This should normally be about 6 se...
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